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We are different from the rest. We may use some of the same tools but we know how to actually use them for your benefit.


  • Average 90 Point Increase In 30 Days
  • We Fix Unlimited Negative Items
  • Trusted leaders in credit repair
  • Low Program Payments
  • Over 10k credit profiles already corrected
  • Excellent customer support
  • And many more...


The All In One Solution

We have the all in one solution for you, that means we can deliver you the exact result you were searching for. With ONE word, We are the pinnacle of credit repair services and has the highest success rate within the credit check industry.

The other companies have the tools but really don't know what they are doing. Like a mechanic with all his tools but can't get your car started. Our aim of this credit repair quote is to accurately identify any areas of your credit history file which may have an adverse impact when you apply for credit or finance.


We are confident to we can get the job done. We have the full confidence that we are the right choice for you.


Our services is super fast and ready to deliver. We're comitted to provide our best.


Requesting a quote is always free and takes less than a minute. Use our form to get a quote from us.

About CreditDemandz

At CreditDemandz, we have been working on helping customers with various CREDIT REPAIR EDUCATIONAL needs and CREDIT RESTORATION issues since 2000. Our business focus is based upon helping clients achieve their highest possible credit scores by providing hands on, individualized counseling to every client.

We focus our expertise and knowledge that comes with a CREDIT REPAIR TEAM staffed with over 17+ years of combined experience in the CREDIT REPAIR SERVICE and finance industry.

Other “companies” were taking a hefty fee each month but only doing a small amount of work. So we decided not to that. We decided to fix an unlimited amount of negative items each and every month for our clients.

Get Started With Us

Stop wasting time! We are so confident in our services we will remove 1 item of your choice to let you see our work and speed at a cost, see below.

By law we have to give the bureaus 30 days to correct this item. Once removed you can proceed with your full report and we will give you credit back for that 1 item you paid for!

$75 Per Item / $1200 Full Report

Except public record

1 year older

Free consultation

$175 Per Item / $1500 Full Report

For public record

2 year older

Free consultation

Other Services Offered

Chex system removal - $375

Early warning system removal- $375

Nexus lexus removal- $375